Solitary Suffering

I’m not sure what it really is but there is something about suffering through exercise, alone, in the wet, dark and cold weather that really resonates within me. It feels like a bigger accomplishment, to want to go out, alone, into horrible weather conditions to perform the solitary function of running. When I zoom out on my previous life and try to reconcile how I feel about exercise now compared to how dismissive I was of it in the past, I struggle to recognise that person.

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What To Eat After a Workout

When we exercise we utilise glucose as fuel to help us move and perform our workout. This glucose is often synthesised from glycogen stored in our muscle tissues and liver, in a process called glycogenolysis.

As part of working out, muscle proteins can also be broken down (6). Once you have finished exercising, the body will try and rebuild those muscle proteins and restore the glycogen reserves that were converted to glucose during the exercise.

Eating the right nutrients post work out can help your body achieve this faster. Let’s dive in.

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Genofit Research Study

If you live in Dublin, you should take part in this study:

This aims to be one of the largest studies ever conducted in Ireland and is examining the role of genetics, lifestyle factors and fitness in our overall health. Their initial goal is to get 40,000 people to take part and based on the availability in their clinics (or lack thereof), I think they are not far off their target. 40,000 people is not a limit, the more the better.

I have never seen or taken part in a study that was as well designed and executed as this one. After discussing this study with my nutrition classmates a few weekends ago, I signed up at and booked a slot.

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A Good Start is Half the Battle

A new year is finally upon us. This can be a strange time for a lot of people, as it’s a time of change, renewal and hopefully fresh starts. The statisticians tell us that by the third week of January the majority of new years resolutions – those commitments we make to ourselves to better our health, our relationships, our jobs and everything else are all but relegated to the trash.

Why is this? Why do so many of us fail to achieve the goals that we so positively and enthusiastically set for ourselves only a few weeks before? I believe the answer is two-fold.

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Dublin Marathon 2018

3 years. 3 marathons.

As someone who was never that sporty as a kid and who never ever thought he could do even one of these, I’m super proud of these medals.

I decided to run a marathon in 2016 after getting a redundancy from a company and deciding that, for the first time in 17 years of working, I would take the opportunity afforded to me and take an extended break from the corporate world. I soon discovered that without some kind of structure to your day, life can become pretty unproductive very quickly. Running and training for a marathon gave me the structure that I needed. It gave me a personal purpose to get up in the morning which is vital to a fulfilled life.

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Marathon Time

It takes about 16 weeks of training and about 500 miles to train well for a marathon. Depending on your goals, this could be a lot more or slightly less but this is an average of what it takes to run a marathon and run it well and even, dare I say it, enjoy it.

This weekend I am tackling my third marathon in Dublin, Ireland. My training for this one has been less than perfect with lots of life getting in the way of the perfectly written training plan but it was a great reminder to me that the plan is just that – it’s a written down target of things that you want to make happen.

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The Big M: Momentum

As most of you know, I am getting ready to take on the Dublin Marathon at the end of this month. This will be my 3rd marathon in 3 years. This will also be my last marathon for a while but I’ll leave that to another post. In terms of training, I am at the peak point in the running schedule now, and yesterday myself and my training partner completed the mighty 21-mile run. In terms of my training plan, this is the tip of how far I run in training. The morning yesterday was awful, hard rain from the very start at 9am and it never stopped. We trained in Kilbogget park if anyone knows it, in south Dublin. It is a luxury to have this park on my doorstep as it’s circumference is 3 miles long so yesterday, we lapped this park 7 times to give us the 21 miles.

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How To Know If You are Having a Mid-Life Crisis

I read a funny article the other day on about how people experience a mid-life crisis (MLC) today versus the old days.

In my experience, an MLC can kick in at any age above 30. For me personally, I think I have been in this state for at least 5 years now. Upon reflecting on this, here are the tell-tale signs that I am indeed still in the middle of the MLC…

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A while back I joined up to a local CrossFit in Dubin, Ireland. On first impressions, I was fascinated by how different this felt vs a traditional gym. In fact, for a long time, I didn’t really consider it a gym at all. It was way more than that. A tribe, a box, a lifestyle.

A couple of stand out observations from my time in CrossFit…

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Sea Swimming

The internet and social media are literally awash with advice on how to live your best life. It can become overwhelming at times, depending on what apps you use or who you follow on Instagram. In amongst all of the tons of information, we have stuff like:

  • the 10 tips you need to start doing RIGHT now
  • this secret ingredient to losing your belly fat
  • 5 tips for getting better sleep
  • 6 tips for managing stress
  • 3 secret hacks for whatever-is-wrong-with-you-today

And on it goes. It is an endless stream of information of which its accuracy and origin can be questionable at times. Why should you believe the person who wrote this post? Are they qualified to give this advice? Is the article just click bait to increase views?

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Do Wearables Actually Help You Get Fit?

Today was the first day in 3 years that I have run without a fitness tracker. It wasn’t intentional, I just forgot to charge it last night so it was dead when I picked it up for my run. So I paused for a minute at this realization that I wouldn’t have my watch with me on the run, then I smiled and left the house.

It felt kind of liberating and freeing to run without any technology in the equation whatsoever. Just me, runners, shorts and a trail. It was bliss.

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