Health was not always a priority for me. The majority of my time on this planet were spent in a place I call the “fun part of town”. In this place, you get to eat food served out of windows or delivered to your couch, you can drink whatever you want and as much as you want and the thought of doing any physical exercise (intentionally) is enough to make you ill. You sleep alot and over time you need bigger jeans and a bra.

The thing about the fun part of town is that after a while, it stops being as much fun.

Some people might call this a mid life crisis but I call it, my quest for better health.

When I turned 39, I had a stark moment of realisation. The kind of realisation that hits alot of people as they near the dreaded Four Zero mark. It was the humbling realisation of my own mortality, coupled with the realisation that how I was treating my body and mind was sending me down a path of self destruction.

If it helps me, it might just help you too.

To better health and happiness,


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