How to Navigate Christmas Alcohol Free

When you are starting out on the alcohol free journey, every social occasion is hard. It is a battle of will versus temptation and if you are not committed, it is likely you will cave on your promise to yourself. For a few short hours, even minutes of indulging in alcohol, the next day will be full of guilt, shame and negative self-talk which could well lead you to drink again. 

Starting out going alcohol free at Christmas time is just a bad idea, end of. You are stacking the deck in favour of failure as your mental resolve is not calloused yet and social invites are everywhere. That being said, this Christmas could be different…

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Time Alone

Time is the ultimate gift
But in a world that is so full
So loud and so fast
Time alone is often last

It is only when we stop
The volume of life
Is allowed to drop

When we strip away the noise
The everyday commitments
The responsibilities
The endless to do lists

That we make space just to be
To listen to the little voice inside
And what he has to say to me

Some call this intuition
Others call it your gut
Whatever name you want to use
It’s time to listen and muse

But too often we spend our days
Looking outward
Rushing around in a haze

That we forget to listen
To what he has to say
Until all is quiet
At the end of another busy day

Much love x


900 Days Alcohol Free – But Why?

To give up alcohol for any length of time is admirable in my opinion, whether it is for 10 days, 100 days or even 1 day depending on where your relationship with alcohol is at. When I started a challenge with oneyearnobeer back in June 2019, I had reached a point of just being so fed up of the booze and the impact it was having on my life – the hangovers, the excuses, the irritability, the poor food choices, the impact on my body (beer gut, liver damage) and brain (the fog), the “fear” the following day, that awful feeling of not being in control of what you said or did on a night out and the general feeling of being dragged backwards in life instead of forwards. 

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