The Most Important Button on the Internet

There is one button that I think could well be the most important button on the internet for me.

I have ignored this button for quite some time now, since before Christmas and I am not entirely sure why. Writing regularly is part of what keeps me well, part of what I call “building my base” – a toolkit of sorts for keeping my life on a good path. These are the things I do on a daily or near daily basis that bring me joy, purpose, meaning, connection and fulfillment. Other base building activities include meditation, reading, exercise, eating well and learning.

Writing is a big one for me. It has been with me my whole life. I find the process of writing very therapeutic, the articulation of thoughts into some kind of coherent structure on a page brings me both visual joy and a deep sense of accomplishment.

I have aspirations to be a writer in this life and I hope one day to write a book and release it upon the universe. I know I need to work on my personality flaws that may well be holding me back from realizing this ambition.

A successful writer is both consistent and reliable and it is these two characteristics that I intend to work on in the coming days, weeks and months. I don’t believe I am that far away from consistency – for a long time I was publishing posts with a weekly cadence consistently. I am consistent in many other activities in my life like daily meditations and reading and near daily exercise, so I am confident that I can bring the same discipline to my writing.

Here’s to falling back in love with the button.

Stay healthy, strong and happy.