500 Days Alcohol Free

When I started out on my alcohol free challenge in June 2019, I had quietly hoped to achieve 90 days without drinking alcohol. That was a mountain to me from where I was.

I live in Ireland, a country where alcohol consumption is so deeply ingrained in the history and the culture that to not drink is social suicide. If I was 20 years old now, I’m not sure I would have the experience, maturity or courage to row against the very strong tide of drinking pressure that remains alive and well in this country.

We drink when we celebrate, commiserate, when we win, when we lose, when we can, when we can’t. I for one had had enough of following the herd and dealing with the fallout, physically and mentally of overconsumption of alcohol and everything that comes with that life choice.

Maybe it’s easier for me to say given that I drank alot during my 20’s and 30’s, maybe. But in my 40’s now and I can count on one hand the amount of people that have taken a conscious and deliberate decision to remove alcohol from their lives. I’m not talking about the moderation crew, the few lucky souls that maybe actually fooling themselves into believing that they don’t drink much or often and that it has no real effect on their lives – alcohol always has an effect and a cost, no question.

It will cost you your physical and mental health as you get older, aswell as your financial health.

From where I stand now, on top of 500 days completely (not one sip) alcohol free, I have upgraded my life in many ways – 10x fitter, better concentration, less distracted, more fulfilled, less overwhelmed, less down days, better able to cope and bounce back from the down days when they do show up and the key one – a better sense of time well spent. This is the key to happiness for me, spending time on things that give me that sense of time well spent.

We all have 24 hours each day, they come and they go but it’s the many often small activities that we spend our time, energy and attention on each day that makes up our day, week, month and years.

These activities make up the tapestry of our lives.

Yours in health and happiness,