Back 2 College

Heading into my final year 4 of Nutritional Science and Therapeutics now. Assignments are already building, deadlines looming and the general level of busyness is increasing.

While college is ramping up, I expect it will be 100% online this year. I am thankful that I got the chance to attend in person for year 2 as that is how I got to know people in my class. It is very hard to achieve a real connection when the only contact between two people is online. Also it is very hard to juggle the demands of this course alongside my other life commitments. I thank god for my alcohol free superpowers that help me stay engaged, organised and motivated to continue.

On the flipside, in our city we have just moved up to the next level of Covid-19 restrictions as case numbers are on the rise again at the moment. This up/down, restrict/ease, open/close the economy and people’s lives, which is maybe the correct approach, is just not sustainable in the longer term. It seems to be the only answer to the problem of how to manage the virus in a way that does not overwhelm the health service. It seems utterly unsustainable to me, we need a better plan.

Stay safe.

Yours in health and happiness,