Writing My 1st Book

I am in the middle of writing my 1st ever book. It will be a cookbook compiling and curating all my favourite recipes into one place. As I am embarking on my final year (4 of 4!) in Nutritional Therapy in a few short weeks time, I routinely provide meal ideas to my clients to help them make better choices around food and improvements in personal performance.

I am, like many of you, a busy parent, husband, employee, friend, colleague and son – so many hats! I like simple recipes that call for a handful of well chosen ingredients, which when carefully combined can get nourishing wholefoods onto the table with minimal fuss so everyone can fill up and be happy.

I personally road test each and every recipe and tweak it for my own personal twist where possible.

So if you have any go to recipes out there that you feel you want to share with the world, share them here! I would be honored to read about them and possibly include in the book. If the recipe has a back story to it, please include that as it makes the recipe come alive that bit more.

Drop them into the comments section below.

Yours in health and happiness,