A Mindset Approach for Dealing with Covid-19

I hope everyone is doing ok out there in the world where Covid-19 still rages wildly. Here in Ireland, we are seeing cases rise now each day and have begun to reintroduce restrictions into society to try and suppress the virus once again.

It is an unbelievable time of uncertainty and for alot of people this brings new levels of heightened anxiety. I feel it too. What happens if this happens, what happens if that happens….it’s an endless spiral that does you no good.

The best advice I can give is from one of my favourite people: Stephen Covey, author of the famous 7 habits of highly effective people.

We all feel more anxiety when we feel that our lives are out of control so his advice is simple: control what you can control and ignore the rest. You can’t control the weather, the big impact of this virus or what other people do or think. What you can do is control your own actions and reactions and play your part in doing good things in the world – wear your mask, limit your contacts, keep your distance, look out for each other and sanitise properly. If we all play our part, the collective effort will determine how this all plays out.

With schools here due to reopen in 2 weeks, I know that parents up and down the country (me included) are praying for a smooth return to the academic world.

Look after your health, it’s in your hands.

Yours in health and happiness,