What’s In Your Bag?

Always interesting to see what people carry around with them all day in their pockets and bags. I recently turned mine upside down after a trip away and here’s what I found.

  • Green tea – not surprised here, love to always have a consistent cup of green tea available. I love this dragonfly tea at the minute.
  • Phone charger – nearly always required…somewhere
  • Toothbrush – oral hygiene people!
  • Book – loving this book by Jules Evans at the moment, it’s making me realise that most of the today’s “insightful” knowledge like CBT and mindfulness has it’s roots all the way back to the Greek philosophers
  • Notepad – I write stuff down to help sort out the mess that is my mind, it keeps me sane most of the time
  • Pens of all kinds of colours – I like to write in red and pink pens when I need a break from the blue on a page, nice variety
  • Sunglasses – not required so much in Ireland at the moment
  • Rosary beads – I tend to always have something with me to remind me of each of my kids. These belong to Jake my oldest boy but I have sneakily stolen them as they are pretty cool looking. Just having these in my pocket seems to make life a little less stressful.
  • Toy car – As above, this one belongs to my youngest boy, Benjamin. He is crazy about cars and trucks.
  • Marathon band – Symbolises my daughter completing 21 junior park runs, the equivalent of a marathon distance but running 2km over 21 Sundays. Onya girl!

If you believe that your bag represents your life, then this is not too far wrong for mine. I love to read, write, play with my kids, pray, drink tea and clean my teeth.

What’s in your bag right now?

Yours in health and happiness,