With January Over, the Year Can Finally Start

We nearly have January in the rear view mirror and this is the first time I have sat down to write. A sin! The truth is January has been insane for me so far with college assignments and releasing a new product to market in work, there hasn’t been much slack for writing thus far.

February is also shaping up to be super busy with alot of work related travel, yet more college assignments due, 3 family birthdays to celebrate and a trip away with my Mum and brothers. It’s all feels a bit relentless right now but without the sludge of the alcohol in my system, it’s doesn’t feel like it used to be. It feels doable and less stressful than in previous years.

I have learnt to take things one at a time and this is working well so far. In reality we can only really do one thing at a time anyway but we can at times, fool ourselves into thinking that we can be an efficient job smashing multi tasker but in my experience this thought process and strategy is deeply flawed.

Multi tasking is a productivity myth. I have always ended up doing many things half hearted which results in more stress and zero sense of achievement. Now when I decide to take on a task, I make that conscious decision and then go after it with everything I have, removing and ignoring all distractions along the way. I get it done better, faster, more enjoyable and it’s a richer experience overall.

For me, it’s a single file for my task list these days and writing is getting a higher priority for February.

Yours in health and happiness,