Whether You Believe You Can or You Can’t

I love this simple quote from Henry Ford. While only a few words long, it highlights the enormous impact that your mindset & your beliefs can have on your life.

To look at it from a negative slant for a second, if you are sick and you honestly believe that you will never get better, the likelihood is that you will be right as the mind and body are so connected and in constant communication, your recovery will likely be negatively impacted by the negative chatter and the feelings of depression and lowness that stem from the belief that you will not recover.

Fortunately for us, I believe the opposite to be also true. I am not saying that you can cure chronic disease with a belief system alone, I am saying that a positive mindset and positive beliefs about oneself are central to achieving great things in your life, including recovering from illness. If you don’t believe you can do it, then you are unlikely to put in the effort required to actually achieve it.

Where possible, always choose to be positive. And it is always possible.

Yours in health and happiness,