How Do You Get Yourself out of a Funk?

How do you deal with periods of very low motivation?

Right now, for reasons unknown to myself, I am in a state of Funk. This is my word for a feeling of no motivation, fatigue, tiredness, lack of engagement or interest with things on a daily basis. It’s a bit like an out of body experience in one sense as I do not feel like my usual self. I don’t feel like doing anything and am lacking my usual get up and go and proactivity. I find myself thinking about alternate careers and paying little or no attention to my current one.

I’m sure lots of people experience times like this so I’m curious how do you pull yourself out of this state of being?

Is it common at this time of year for people?

Part of me thinks that Christmas has something to do with it. There is so much consumption going on, so much spending and taking and accumulating stuff that I think we have lost the plot a bit. I have 3 kids and you almost have to restrict the number of presents they get to prevent them from becoming spoilt greedy little people. They are literally inundated with gifts coming from all angles – parents (us!), Christmas fairs, Santa visits, playdates etc. Stemming the tide of materialistic possessions coming into the house is a full-time job – which in and of itself is mental right?

Also in my job, there is another reorganization of resources underfoot, which also brings with it a level of uncertainty. This may also be playing a part in my detachment in some sense as I want to see what this reorganization brings with it for me personally and I have an inner concern about the potential challenges that this may bring.

Finally, I think part of this maybe exercise related, or rather a lack of exercise related. About a month ago, I completed the Dublin Marathon for the third time. Despite promising myself that I would not completely drop the exercise routine I had built up as part of marathon training, that’s exactly what I did in November. No exercise November. Nothing. Nada.

So could my FUNK be down to

  1. The insanity of Christmas spending and consumption
  2. A pending reorg in work and the uncertainty that that brings
  3. The complete lack of an exercise routine following achieving a big exercise goal

If you can relate, please do leave a comment below and help me understand other people’s perspectives on this topic.

Yours in health and happiness,