Deep Green Sea Smoothie

I am loving smoothies for breakfast right now. They are so simple to throw together and are a super easy way to get nutrient-rich foods into your body from the start of the day.

I recently fell in love with Spirulina and am using it everywhere I can right now. These packs of milled superfoods tend to be quite expensive here in Ireland but recently Lidl has been doing a line of them which are good value so they are accessible to all kinds of budgets.

In this smoothie, I am using:

  1. 1 tsp of organic spirulina
  2. 1 tsp of organic cacao powder
  3. 1 tbsp of sunflowers seeds
  4. 1 tbsp of sesame seeds
  5. A handful of pecans
  6. 2 bananas
  7. Fill up the jug with half nondairy milk and half water

Whizz until smooth and enjoy straight away.


Spirulina is very high in fiber & protein which helps to make you feel full and is low in sugars. Perfecto!

Yours in health and happiness,