Health Survival Guide for Christmas

It’s finally here and it seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year but it is the time of year where most of us put on some padding! On average most people put on between 7 and 14 lbs of extra padding at Christmas time and last year I was no exception. I finished the marathon at the end of October and just stopped running, crazy I know but I had had enough at that point! Anyway, what ensued through November and December was a lot of nights out, drinking, hangovers, a lot of evening eating (the biggest culprit) and a real lack of weekly health planning. The result was about a stone of extra weight.

So here are my best tips for surviving this Christmas with your health intact.

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Can Facebook Make You Sick?

I’m not a huge user of Facebook or social media in general but recently I happened to be part of a thread on Facebook where the topic being discussed became very heated, a bit personalized and aggressive.

The conversation started out quite innocently and cleanly but some of the contributors disagreed with each other and the conversation descended into personal attacks and name-calling. I was part of the conversation and to be honest, the whole experience just left me really frustrated, angry, annoyed and stressed as a result.

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How Do You Get Yourself out of a Funk?

How do you deal with periods of very low motivation?

Right now, for reasons unknown to myself, I am in a state of Funk. This is my word for a feeling of no motivation, fatigue, tiredness, lack of engagement or interest with things on a daily basis. It’s a bit like an out of body experience in one sense as I do not feel like my usual self. I don’t feel like doing anything and am lacking my usual get up and go and proactivity. I find myself thinking about alternate careers and paying little or no attention to my current one.

I’m sure lots of people experience times like this so I’m curious how do you pull yourself out of this state of being?

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Deep Green Sea Smoothie

I am loving smoothies for breakfast right now. They are so simple to throw together and are a super easy way to get nutrient-rich foods into your body from the start of the day.

I recently fell in love with Spirulina and am using it everywhere I can right now. These packs of milled superfoods tend to be quite expensive here in Ireland but recently Lidl has been doing a line of them which are good value so they are accessible to all kinds of budgets.

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