Breaking the Fast

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. Not quite right but you get the drift. How many of us actually live by this principle? I was thinking about this recently when I decided to mix it up from my usual staple of porridge oats and various toppings. I got this bee pollen from WholeFoods in a recent trip stateside, it’s a really good quality one.

My morning routine now looks like this…

  1. Wake up around 7am.
  2. Do 10 minutes of meditation sitting up in bed.
    1. If you want to know more about this style of meditation, see this post.
  3. Once I emerge from the bliss of this time, get up & dressed and downstairs to break the fast.
  4. These days I am trying out a new simple breakfast – a bowl of various fruits, chopped up, with some Alpro yogurt and a topping of bee pollen, milled chia, flax and hemp seeds to finish.


It’s a delicious start and contrary to what I originally thought, it fills me up just fine until lunch. My real driver behind this change was to devise a way to get more fruits into my daily consumption. I am not really a snacker during the day so opting to snack on fruit during the day never held water for me. Making fruit the basis for the first meal of the day is a super way of getting more of the good guys in very early in the day. I’ve also noticed an increase in energy as a result of this move too, which makes sense.

In this one, I am having chopped up apple, melon, and strawberries (at the bottom of the bowl), with Alpro vanilla yogurt, bee pollen (the best topping ever) and some milled seeds that I got in a really handy ready pack from Lidl.

Try it out and let me know what you think.



Yours in health and happiness,