Marathon Countdown

6 weeks of training left to go until the Dublin Marathon in October 2018. This will be my 3rd year doing this marathon and it feels a little like albums. The 2nd and 3rd follow up albums are almost harder than the debut. Last year I completed it in 4hrs 2mins and it felt great.

This year is a different beast and here’s why.


In 2017, I had been quite disciplined and consistent in my training as I was raising money for Temple Street children’s hospital so I felt very accountable for completing this important goal and completing it well. It was worth the pain of the 26.2 miles to put some money in the pocket of this great cause, besides I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for minding our Benjamin when he was born, they were amazing.


This year I am definitely slower as I haven’t been as consistent or as disciplined as last year. Currently, I am up to the 13 mile level in training, this time last year I was at the 17-mile level no problem. My pace is around 10 minutes per mile mark vs 8:45 or 9 minutes per mile of last year.

However, instead of beating myself up about my pace and berating myself for not being as disciplined (my usual default), I am choosing to embrace where I am and improve on that as much as possible ahead of the race. I am going to be running with one of the dads from my sons’ school so that will be a super change from previous years, it will be great to suffer through it with someone!

This will be my last marathon for the moment – I have reached the point where the goal is not that motivating anymore so I will do this last one in style and have fun. But I am looking for a new goal….if anyone has any good suggestions, please post a comment below.

All inspiration is welcome.

Yours in health and happiness,