The Quality Vegan Café

On a recent long weekend away to the sunny south-west county of Cork, I went to check out the latest addition of vegan cafes to open up in the Rebel County. Cork is becoming more and more trendy and hipsterish these days with craft breweries and vegan food outlets starting to appear with more frequency. One such outlet is the Quality Vegan Café.

Here’s my take on this experience.


  1. The menu is pretty extensive with most, if not all, options available to take away.
  2. I got a Rainbow salad with marinated tofu and sweet potato, which was really good, but it was a bit pricey at around €15 for the salad.
  3. The tahini dressing was not good. More to do with the taste of tahini itself rather than the cafe I think. The dijon dressing was ok-ish.
  4. They do a good falafel burger.
  5. I got 2 green juices to take away. There was a lot of pulp still in the juice and it looked more red/purple than the green machine I was expecting. I usually sieve my juice to keep it clean of bits so I was not that impressed with this. The juice itself was average. My kids scored it as a 5/10. Enough said.
  6. The atmosphere is cool.
  7. The owner was nice and gave me some fruit bites to enjoy while I waited.
  8. Parking was tricky as it’s on a busy road – tricky but not impossible.
  9. Seating is really limited, about 10-20 seats max.
  10. It took a good while to get the order completed, maybe 30 minutes. It felt far too long to be waiting on a salad, juices, and coffee to go.

Overall I liked it and would go back. Hopefully the next time the service will be faster because the grub is good and I guess that’s the main thing.

Yours in health and happiness,