How To Know If You are Having a Mid-Life Crisis

I read a funny article the other day on about how people experience a mid-life crisis (MLC) today versus the old days.

In my experience, an MLC can kick in at any age above 30. For me personally, I think I have been in this state for at least 5 years now. Upon reflecting on this, here are the tell-tale signs that I am indeed still in the middle of the MLC…

  1. I run marathons. This year will be my 3rd consecutive one.
  2. I started running marathons when I turned 39.
  3. I have returned to college to study an area of personal interest – nutrition!
  4. You start to question your career choices and how you have spent the last 20 years and what you are going to do for the next 20.
  5. I used to have a 2 seater convertible and sold it. I bought a moped instead.
  6. I turned vegetarian around 37, after watching too many Netflix docos. These days I a bit more relaxed about it, I still eat some meat but mainly on the weekends or when hungover!
  7. I meditate regularly.
  8. I frequently declutter my home and throw out most of my wardrobe and give away of a lot of stuff that is choking up my space.
  9. I started a blog (this one!)
  10. I don’t drink as frequently as I used to but when I do I probably drink way too much.
  11. I care about sleep a lot more than I ever used to.
  12. I want to buy a skateboard, return to my youth and hang around the skate park again.
  13. I dream of buying a camper van and taking off with my family in tow around Europe and South America. Not a care in the world!

There are probably more but I think 13 signs is enough for anyone.

I don’t believe the MLC is a bad thing as it makes you aware of just how mortal we really are. For me, this has definitely been the catalyst for lots of positive and sometimes crazy change, but it has made me step outside my comfort zone a lot more than I normally would have. This is a really good thing – why?

Outside the comfort zone is both where I feel the most ALIVE and where all the personal GROWTH is.

So go ahead, do something that you think you can’t, commit to it, and go get it done. You won’t regret it.

Yours in health and happiness,