How To Know If You are Having a Mid-Life Crisis

I read a funny article the other day on about how people experience a mid-life crisis (MLC) today versus the old days.

In my experience, an MLC can kick in at any age above 30. For me personally, I think I have been in this state for at least 5 years now. Upon reflecting on this, here are the tell-tale signs that I am indeed still in the middle of the MLC…

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Sea Swimming

The internet and social media are literally awash with advice on how to live your best life. It can become overwhelming at times, depending on what apps you use or who you follow on Instagram. In amongst all of the tons of information, we have stuff like:

  • the 10 tips you need to start doing RIGHT now
  • this secret ingredient to losing your belly fat
  • 5 tips for getting better sleep
  • 6 tips for managing stress
  • 3 secret hacks for whatever-is-wrong-with-you-today

And on it goes. It is an endless stream of information of which its accuracy and origin can be questionable at times. Why should you believe the person who wrote this post? Are they qualified to give this advice? Is the article just click bait to increase views?

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Rethinking Stress

What thoughts come to mind when you think of the word “Stress”?

Worry, anxiety, nausea, junk food, no exercise, overweight, ulcers, illness, popping pills, lack of focus, multi-tasking, caffeine, sick days. For most of us, these are at least some of the things that we think of when we draw out what stress looks like to us in today’s modern society.

But what if there was a different way to look at stress, a more positive way to frame how we view stress in our lives and a way to associate differently with it.

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Do Wearables Actually Help You Get Fit?

Today was the first day in 3 years that I have run without a fitness tracker. It wasn’t intentional, I just forgot to charge it last night so it was dead when I picked it up for my run. So I paused for a minute at this realization that I wouldn’t have my watch with me on the run, then I smiled and left the house.

It felt kind of liberating and freeing to run without any technology in the equation whatsoever. Just me, runners, shorts and a trail. It was bliss.

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