How to Switch OFF During the Holidays

I’m going on a family holiday soon and I cannot wait to board that plane. It’s been very busy in work in recent works with a fair amount of stress experienced. So when it comes to holidays, the trouble I’ve had in the past has been this: I have probably spent the first few days of a holiday still in “work mode”. I have found myself ruminating on work issues, thinking up new work to-do items and worrying about how things are going without me. The middle of a holiday seems fine and then as we get closer to the end, I start ruminating about work again as the dreads of going back start to emerge.

Does this sound familiar? Is this you? It doesn’t sound like much of a break, does it?

Well with this one step, you will be much better able to engage with your well-earned break and come back refreshed.

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Purpose-Filled Career?

This article was so good that I thought I would just republish it verbatim here.  I subscribe to a blog called ZenHabits by a guy called Leo Babuta. I find it excellent and his content and articles seem to strongly resonate with me.

As context to this article, I have and often still do struggle with my sense of purpose and fulfillment when it comes to what I do for a living. I have chased many shadows in terms of changing job in search of more fulfillment and am still learning what it really means to live a purpose-filled career. This is why I like this article so much and I want you to read it too.

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How Do You Deal With Depression & Anxiety?

I can feel it coming. It feels like a wave of numbness that starts in my gut and spreads from there. It is a strange feeling of detachment and separation from the world around me, an acute sense of wanting to isolate. It eliminates any interest I have in anything around me. It makes me just want to disappear and withdraw. I don’t care what happens to me and I feel completely lost. This is what depression felt like for me.

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