Self Sabotage & Why You Self Destruct

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not an expert on health. I am an ordinary guy, a dad, a husband, a friend, a son on an extraordinary journey to achieve better health and longevity. I’ve learned alot but I am not an expert on nutrition nor do I claim to be. But I have learned that good nutrition starts way before anything lands on your plate. It starts with your hormones, your mood, your days experience and your reactions to the events that happen around you and to you.

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The Circle of Life

What is the current state of your finances? Your financial health so to speak. I’m guessing, if you are like most people, you have no idea.

What about your career – what state is that in? Do you have a spiritual practice? How are the relationships in your life? What do you do for fun? All big questions right.

Here’s a tool to help you determine which ones to pay attention to and when.

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Indian Dahl

Super filling lentil based dish inspired by both Indian cooking and the Happy Pear boys, I always make a double batch of this and it lasts all week. I tend to either eat a whole bowl of this on it’s own for a meal or add a small portion of it to another dish. It’s a great, quick and basic meal to have in your recipe toolbox.

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