The Triple 7 Challenge

A few years back I learnt a very valuable tool which I have seen imitated in various different ways since. The original idea that I came across was from one of my favourite people in the medical and wellness world – Dr Dean Ornish. Asides from being the spit of Gene Wilder, Ornish has been a powerhouse in the functional medicine world in the U.S, a huge advocate of a wholefood plant-based diet and a holistic approach to healthcare. He developed the first medical program in the world to be fully endorsed and covered by Medicare (the VHI equivalent in the US) and his program has helped thousands of people heal, prevent and even reverse their heart disease and diabetes.

The program stands on 4 pillars – Diet, Exercise, Stress Management and Love and Support.

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Gratitude – Does It Make You Less Stressed?

Today, I have a lot to be grateful for. Today is my daughters 5th birthday.
5 years old. Wow. Where has the time gone?

I would bet that most (read all) parents have pondered this almighty question at one point or another and the reality is, in amongst the brain fog, sleepless nights, bottle feeds, potty training, tantrums, hugs, kisses and tears, the clock just keeps on ticking. Relentlessly.

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On my quest to better my health over the last few years, I have learned a lot about life, happiness, balance, focus, energy, food, relationships, finances, career, growth, and contribution. One thing that I keep coming back to and that seems to be a bottomless pit of contentment for me is the importance of having more fun in my life.

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