The 4 Best Bits of Running 26.2 Miles

Having just completed my 2nd marathon in Dublin this weekend, these are my 4 best bits.

Best Bit #1 – The Start Line

The excitement is palpable, there is alot of nerves bouncing around, everyone is super keen to start running but you have to have a calm head and avoid sprinting out of the traps, there is a long road ahead. You have spent 16 weeks and ran over 500 training miles to get to this point and it is a super experience to soak up.

Best Bit #2 – The Supporters

I have never ran another marathon anywhere but I think Dublin is pretty special in that so many people come out to support the runners on the day. The streets are lined with people, all shouting encouragement and offering sugary treats. It can carry you through the dark patches.

Best Bit #3 – The Fundraising Experience

This time out, I chose to use my experience and challenge to raise money for a children’s hospital to help them continue to provide their life-saving work for the kids of this city that need it the most. I did it because I owe them one, a big one called Benjamin. You can read more about my story here and if it resonates with you, you can donate to this very worthy cause. I managed to raise over €3000 for this cause in what was a very humbling and rewarding experience.

Best Bit #4 – The Finish Line

There is nothing quite like the pain you go through when you put your body through those 26.2 miles, all of which disappears the minute you clap eyes on the finish line. Every step is a step closer to it but for most of the 4 hours I was out there, it felt a long way away. You can literally feel the rush of endorphins when you cross that line and give yourself permission to stop running. It is incredible.

Best Bit #5 – The Food and Drink

I know I said 4 but probably the best bit of all is the guilt-free eating and drinking that you can indulge in after this event. Eat and drink whatever you want, you have earned it!

A few photos from around the day.